• About WineCellarsOfHouston.com

    Wine Cellars of Houston started way back in 1998 and transformed their business from simple handyman service to a home improvement company. Today, Wine Cellars of Houston takes pride in designing and building innovative wine cellars. Wine Cellars of Houston builds custom wine cellars to match the customer’s budget and their storage capability.

    Client's Requirements

    The Client wanted us to improve the following aspects of www.WineCellarsOfHouston.com –

    1. Improve Search Engine visibility
    2. Increase Website Traffic
    3. Change the Look and Feel of the website.

    Our Objectives & Goals

    After primary analysis of the Client’s website we decided to focus on achieving the following Objectives + Goals:

    1. Bring the Keyword Rankings to Google.com’s 1st Page
    2. Prepare the Website to make it look more appealing
    3. Work on developing positive ROI for the Business.

    Our Strategy

    Since this website already had a bad link profile we decided to disavow the entire set of toxic links. It took time to manually go through the entire set of spammed links. Meanwhile we took care of the on-page issues and applied the necessary fixes.

    So here’s how we planned out our overall Strategy –

    • Phase 1 – Build the Disavow List by manually checking each of the backlinks.
    • Phase 2 – Develop and Improve the On-Page Elements.
    • Phase 2 – Build Quality + Authoritative Backlinks to the Website.

    As time went by, we started seeing improvement in site’s overall search impressions. The CTR metrics from organic sources jumped up and soon we started receiving fresh inflows of search traffic backed by improvement in Search Engine Rankings. “Custom Wine Cellar Racks” & “Wine Cellar Furniture” both these keywords were effected badly so we had to take great care while doing link building for these two keywords so that Google does’t penalize these keywords anymore.

    Below is a screenshot where we have shown a set of 7 Keywords – Ranking Report displaying the before and after situation:


    screen shot

    The bold keywords were the Primary Keywords on which we gave more emphasis and the remaining ones were chosen to be Secondary Keywords. Also for any penalized website it usually takes minimum 3 to 4 months to revive and after that you can start seeing improvement and this is what happened for this website.

    Finally in the Month of July, 2014 nearly most of our Keywords had hit the 1st page of Google.com while two keywords showed signs of good improvement but in due time will be hitting our targets.

    The Client was given a time target of 8-9 months but we were happy to achieve our primary objectives and goals within the 4-5 months time frame.

    Our Clients

    Our clients come from different geographies and diverse fields of business. From start-ups to ones operating in multiple continents, we cater to them all.

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