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    Excerpts from the exhilarating Annual Day Speech Given By the Co-Founder and the Head of IM Division – Mr. Suvendu Ganguly.

    Today we are celebrating the 5 Years Journey of High Position. In this occasion, I would like to congratulate all Co-Founders and Employees of High Position. 5 years, but seems like yesterday, if I remember rightly, that was in mid of September 2011, when I first called Sourav Da and shared my plan with him and after came to know that they(Sourav, Asif & Mukesh) were also planning the same, to open an Internet Marketing Venture. Then  we met and discussed further on the plan.

    We started this company as we wanted to do something special in life, we wanted to do something that will benefit others as well.  1st November 2011, I switched on my computer as a Co-Founder of High Position, and the journey started from there. 8th November we got our first project and the project value was $175, I still remember the client name, it was John Staples and after one week we got another client Jila Sarfaraz and the project value was $100. So our 1st-month revenue was $275 :D. At the initial stage, I used to do all SEO work myself, after a couple of months High Position got another 2 partners or more appropriately 2 strong  pillars Jitesh and Mitali. May 2012 we hired Sagar Biswas, the 1st Team Member of HP, he joined as a Senior Link Builder. We are indebted to him because he  showed the confidence on us then and he’s still with us till date.

    Initially, we started operations from Brainum’s Office premises and on July 2012 we moved to a separate office at the same building, I still remember the shifting process where Jitesh and Myself did almost everything… from cleaning to setting up our OWN office. It’s really a great memory :). After 6 months we again moved to the 85 Elliot office and then after 1.5 years we finally shifted to our current office at 146 Jodhpur Garden.

    Last 5 years are a big lesson for us. How many people present here know about Samudra Manthan…… churning of the ocean, I guess everyone knows it and I believe it’s completely related to our life. To get success you have to go through a lot of pain, good and bad things, but never give up!! Even the Almighty had to go through a lot of difficulties to get Amrita. In his inspiring email, Sourav Da has already told you yesterday that the peak is yet to be reached but the foundation has been made. In the last 5 years, we have learned lot of things and a lot of things are yet to be learned.

    In the last 5 years we have evolved and grown and Now we have 19 full-time Team Members and 6 Freelancers and I believe that all you guys are the magician. Through your work, you guys can cast spell on the clients and gain their trust and good faith :). Keep up the good work! It is your good work and positivity that helped us to grow and I am sure it will be intact in the coming years.

    To grow in life you have to understand the difference between confidence and ego. “I Can” it is my confidence and “Only I Can” is my Ego or Over-Confidence. So always try to put the E aside and Go. Don’t be complacent, what I believe that the best way to move on in life is to always be a student. So Keep Learning :).



      suman chakraborty

      Awesome speech!!motivated!!


      Thank You.

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