Online visibility plays a very important role in the success of a website. A well design website needs to be complemented with proper optimization to boost its rankings on the Search Engine Results Page. It will help you attract targeted traffic to your website and add to your brand value. Search Engine Optimization revolves around the art of combining the right set of keywords, link, and content. It helps in attracting the search engine crawlers and boosting the rankings.

    How We Help You?

    At High Position, we combine the right strategies and white hat SEO techniques to boost the performance of the site. We carry out detailed research on your website, the target market and competition to create a comprehensive strategy helps you rank high and steady your rankings. We submit your site to Google, Yahoo and Bing ensuring faster indexing and better results.


    The Search Engine Optimization industry has undergone a major churning with the latest algorithm updates by Google and other major search engines. It has become more demanding, challenging and quality oriented. As a leading Internet Marketing company, we focus on the following areas while executing your project.

    Robust SEO Technique

    High quality and original content which have visual elements such as graphics, images, and videos are bagging higher ranks in the SERPs. Our focus is on the rich text that continues to increase your SEO score. We also focus on Video marketing on YouTube which is paying rich dividends and helps in creating a lot of social buzz.

    Captivating Content

    There is no room for poor quality content with Google’s latest search engine algorithms changes. Gone are the days when merely placing keywords gave you the mileage. Today the focus is not on keyword density but its relevance to the overall content. We continue to write captivating copies that are built around appropriate and relevant keywords and their synonyms with more emphasis on the content rather than the words themselves.

    Thrust on Mobile Friendly SEO

    Mobile page views have surpassed desktop page views and it would keep growing in the coming years. Mobile friendliness has become an important factor for your website’s ranking on Google. This is one of the thrust areas that we are currently focusing on.

    Quality Link Building

    While some people have written obituary for link building, it still continues to be important for website optimization. The latest search engine updates have changed the way the links would be interpreted and the sole focus is now on the quality. Our team is focusing on relevance and social popularity of the backlinks to give you the edge.

    Returns on Investment

    Most clients are no longer happy with mere rankings on the search engines and instead look to maximize return on investments. We have also shifted our focus to increasing the conversion rate and making sure bulk of the leads convert to sales. Our team is using link building and keywords optimization to increase engagement with your target audience and increase your revenue.

    Market Driven Approach

    SEO is regularly evolving and with every algorithm update, the rules of the game change. Our team constantly keeps its eyes open on the latest developments in the market and incorporates new strategies in our work process for better results. This market driven approach helps us move beyond the realms of an average SEO company.

    Privacy and Confidentiality

    We understand the fact that Privacy and Confidentiality are the utmost concerns in alloutsourced projects. We make sure that all you project related documents remain private and confidential..

    NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement)

    To ensure privacy and confidentiality, we sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with the clients so that they are rest assured that we will treat their contact details and project related information with strictest of confidence. The project related documents will only be shared with the Project Manager and Team members who are working on the specific project.

    Payment Terms

    All payments are action plan based and we will generate the invoice only after you approve the action plan.

    Communication Methods

    A Single Point of Contact (SPOC)

    We assure you that you will have a Highly Experienced Project Manager who will be a Single Point of Contact for all your support enquiries.


    For all one-to-one conversation and conference calls with all our clients we use Skype.

    Google Docs/Documentation

    We document each and every activities that we do for you (For hourly/part time/full time clients) and these docs are shared with your through Google Drive so that you can have each and every details about  your project.

    Our Clients

    Our clients come from different geographies and diverse fields of business. From start-ups to ones operating in multiple continents, we cater to them all.

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