• About Sarahpukin.com

    Sarah Pukin is a passionate photographer of Calgary whose impressive portfolio conveys her work and capabilities. She is a wedding photographer and owns a Boudoir studio for women where, photo sessions on various themes take place, be it a sexy boudoir session or bridal shower photo shoots with a bunch of women, it is all done here.e.

    Client's Requirements

    The Client wanted us to improve the following aspects of www.Sarahpukin.com –

    1. Improve Search Engine visibility
    2. Increase Website Traffic
    3. Keywords should rank on the 1st Page of Google.com and

    Our Objectives & Goals

    1. Bring the Keyword Rankings on the 1st Page of Google.com and Google.ca
    2. Work on developing positive ROI for the Business.
    3. Increase the traffic

    Our Strategy

    Since this was a brand new site with no promotional work was done previously, we took good care to come up with promotional work strategies and work accordingly, so that; her business gets more awareness. We went on to the topmost ranking position of the keywords, which previously had no rank in the search engine! Here’s a glimpse of the baseline ranking report that we shared with the client initially:


    The complete off page/promotional work was our responsibility and the improvement was to be shown on a month-on-month basis.

    So here’s how we planned out our overall Strategy –

    • Phase 1 – On page was already done from the client’s side.
      A complete website analysis was done from our end. While doing the website analysis, we found out some important on page aspects that were not touched by the client, so we suggested the changes that needed to be made to the client and she made the necessary changes from her end.
    • Phase 2 – Build Quality + Authoritative Back links to the Website.
      Here’s the list (report) of the Current keyword ranking (As on 27.5.2015). Initially, all the keywords were in the position ‘0’ and the client also had budget constraints. So, we kept these points in mind while preparing our strategy. Within 1 year’s time all the keywords were in the top 3 positions. The client’s requirement was “Keywords should rank on the 1st Page of Google.com and Google.ca” and we were happy to achieve the primary objectives and goals within 1 year frame.

    Our Clients

    Our clients come from different geographies and diverse fields of business. From start-ups to ones operating in multiple continents, we cater to them all.

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