• Pricing Model

    At High Position, we maintain a consistency in price, quality, and timeliness as per our customer’s expectations, provided our costs and working efficiency. Each business has its exclusive needs or commitments. We render pricing models that suit your aspiration.

    Our Pricing Models are mostly arbitrated by the customers on the basis of their involvement or experience with other service providers. The pricing model is also determined by their capabilities or the comfort level between the two parties. There should be a ground to make flawless decisions for the customer as well as us to finally choose the best pricing model. It is planted on various criteria, such as working experience, duration / relationship of engagements, engagement / service types, aims of the engagement.

    Time & Material

    For customers who prefer flexible and sprightly project execution, T&M is the most active model. This model plays a vital role in developing the software solution and product. By this model, we authorize a team to the customer. The tenure which has been invested by the team on the particular project is charged. Monthly bill will be on the basis of the total number of hours invested in the scheme and the charges of the skill involved.

    How it works

    • Let us know about your wants and needs
    • Skillful people will be assigned to work for the
      project and meet your demands
    • Detailed time sheets and daily updates will be
    • You pay on the basis of actually used hours

    Reasons to prefer this form of contract

    • Demands keep growing.
    • New science and technologies intervene in the work.
    • You need to keep pace with the changes and evolve accordingly.

    Why we are better for you

    We give malleable arrangement for Resource Pooling to render the highest application across conglomerate of technologies and services. We aspire to match each skill with each person which is problematic in the picture where the job demands multiple skill-sets to be completed. The flexible Resource Pooling model of High Position is not typical. The skill-sets are matched with the team, not any individual and we provide the options to rise up and down with the size of the team as per the need of the project. Therefore the pool is best utilized with the growing proficiency and renders the option to direct the team according to your need. With the evolution of requirements, the pool changes itself to adapt to the demands to keep up to the highest level of usage.

    Fixed Price / Package Price

    It is wise to take up the fixed price model for the small or medium projects with candid requirements. Both the service provider and the customer might face some scope related risks. But as per our terms and conditions, any change in the scope will result in the change of price as well. If fixed price model is chosen, the customer pays off the fixed charges on the project as per the agreement between both parties. The price can be paid in installments. This model works where the stipulation and the extension are clearly stated since the very beginning and where the system demands are also clearly determined. It is crucial in this model to discuss and estimate the exact charges for the project at the beginning.

    How it works

    • Tell us about your needs
    • We let you know the Budget, span of payment milestones and line-up
    • Our Team will work and will give the feedback of Weekly Updates
    • You will need to check the Deliverables and accept them.
    • Project will be closed and Team will be reallocated

    When will you need to go for fixed price contracts

    • The norms of Requirements, Deliverables and Acceptance will be clearly defined.
    • The business argumentation is candid and
    • You do not need to anticipate needs to adjust much once the project starts.
    • We handle the whole phenomenon of work starting from collecting and assembling requirements till final delivery.

    Why is your choice an exception with us

    Our clients have the alternative choice of paying on the basis of the actual achievements or effort on the fixed rate contract. You enjoy an extra aid apart from all other advantages of the fixed price contract i.e. if the project is delivered early or if to save the effort we reuse the components, you are the one who is directly benefitted, though we hide such information and give importance to the works that are done without delay

    Dedicated Team

    This model performs as a devoted service provider over a span of time. This team is an in-house team of development, virtually extended, working for a client. The customer is in charge of getting work done efficiently from the team, just the way he / she wants it. There are quite a number of merits you enjoy in this model, such as, retention of knowledge & malleability to use the team on different purpose. Monthly bills are generated on the basis of the number of resources invested each month.

    How It Works

    • Tell us about Your Requirements
    • We bring Your Team together
    • Your Team will start Working on your project
    • You will get the Updates daily and Details of the Timesheets
    • You will renew in the month end

    When do you need to opt for this kind of contract

    • You need the rational and consistent effort of the dedicated staff.
    • You can close control on the achievement of your project, information & knowledge.
    • The work invests alignment of joint work between you and our teams.

    Why dealing with us is better

    Our clients are offered options whether he wants to renew the contract at the end of the month or after 160 hours. For those clients who want to work on a long-term basis and retain knowledge but are unable to assure that they will have 8 hours of work daily, this clause might serve beneficial.

    Our Clients

    Our clients come from different geographies and diverse fields of business. From start-ups to ones operating in multiple continents, we cater to them all.

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