• Pay Per Click

    Pay Per Click is the most means of search engine marketing. It can attract high-quality traffic to your website thus increasing conversion and sales. A well-managed PPC campaign can pay you great dividends as it brings highly targeted traffic to the website. With the use of powerful tracking tools such as Google Analytics, PPC experts can make every link count thus maximizing the return on investment.

    How We Help You?

    Over the years we have helped various clients with their PPC campaign and made each click count. Our experts use the right set of bid management strategy maximizing your ROI irrespective of your monthly budget. Each and every project undergoes comprehensive research on the business, keywords and key phrases, target audience and competition. We create high quality landing pages to achieve the best outcome. Quality advertisement coupled with attractive taglines is created to arouse the right desire in the target audience.

    Why Choose Us?

    Impressive Track Record

    You won’t like to work with a team of amateurs, would you? We come in with a proven track record of serving 1000+ clients in different parts of the globe and putting them ahead of their rivals in the highly competitive world of ‘paid search’marketing.

    In-depth Analysis

    A rewarding PPC campaign requires in-depth analysis and we leave no stone unturned in understanding your goals. We study the market and your competition which helps us in developing a rewarding strategy that puts you ahead of your competitors. We don’t run a campaign based on assumptions and always walk the extra mile to back up your strategy with data and facts.

    Lower Acquisition Costs

    It has been one of our core philosophies in our PPC marketing campaign and we have always tried to lower your acquisition costs and offer you maximum exposure and visibility for every dollar spent on your PPC campaign. We achieve this through intelligent bidding of keywords and searching for the high potential keywords at the lowest cost.

    Complete Transparency

    It is your campaign and you need to know how it is being executed. We update you with regular reports about the progress of your campaign. At any point, you are free to reach us with your queries regarding the campaign. Unlike many other PPC firms, we keep the process 100% transparent and involve you in the campaign.

    No Long Term Contract

    We have always believed that our services and work process is what would make clients stick to us. Hence we don’t bind you to any long-term contract. If our services aren’t paying you dividends you are free to walk away, but we ensure that situation never arises. If you walk away we would share with you all the ids and other details about your campaign.

    Smart Monitoring

    Pay Per Click campaigns require smart monitoring as the market is dynamic and your competitors are always looking to exploring the opportunity to outsmart you. We constantly monitor the campaign and fine tune the strategies to ensure your goals are met. Our team constantly scouts for new opportunities and incorporates them in the campaign.

    Privacy and Confidentiality

    We understand the fact that Privacy and Confidentiality are the utmost concerns in alloutsourced projects. We make sure that all you project related documents remain private and confidential..

    NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement)

    To ensure privacy and confidentiality, we sign aNon Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with the clients so that they are rest assured that we will treat their contact details and project related information with strictest of confidence. The project related documents will only be shared with the Project Manager and Team members who are working on the specific project.

    Payment Terms

    All payments are action plan based and we will generate the invoice only after you approve the action plan.

    Communication Methods

    A Single Point of Contact (SPOC)

    We assure you that you will have a Highly Experienced Project Manager who will be a Single Point of Contact for all your support enquiries.


    For all one-to-one conversation and conference calls with all our clients we use Skype.

    Google Docs/Documentation

    We document each and every activities that we do for you (For hourly/part time/full time clients) and these docs are shared with your through Google Drive so that you can have each and every details about  your project.

    Our Clients

    Our clients come from different geographies and diverse fields of business. From start-ups to ones operating in multiple continents, we cater to them all.

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