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    Mio Amore: https://www.facebook.com/mioamore.india/


    About The Client –

    Our client, Mio Amore is a renowned chain of food shops that runs in the Eastern part of India. Currently the enterprise runs around 200 (approx) cake shops in the Eastern zone of the country.

    Client’s Requirement

    They approached us in order to increase their Fan Base, Engagement, and they wanted us to manage their online presence through Facebook only. When they came to us, they only had 0 fans/ likes on their Facebook page as they had just changed their brand name from Monginis to Mio Amore. They wanted interaction and engagement on the page to build a good rapport among their fans and to build a good brand image among them.

    So, overall the challenge was, to create their fan base and engagement while interacting with the fans and potential customers on a regular basis by posting good content and images.


    Apart from the requirement that the client shared with us, there were a few restrictions as well. Some of those were –

    1. 90% of all the Facebook posts should be related to Mio Amore products.
    2. Advertisements only on Special Occasions
    3. No advertisements throughout the year

    The Pain Points

    Once we started the work, within the first few days we realized that working for them was not a cakewalk, even though we were working for a renowned enterprise. Following are some of the pain points we faced while working on this project –

    1. The client was not ready to advertise, so getting Likes from Fans was not an easy job.
    2. The client had very less images that got exhausted within the first few weeks.
    3. The posts were very monotonous as they were only about Mio Amore products.

    So, with the help of our expert’s strong conviction, marketing expertise and long time industry presence along with our understanding and sound knowledge of Social media marketing, we were able to create a strategy for our reputed client.

    What We Did

    1. To begin with, we first optimized the page with proper Content, Logo, Cover Photo & Tabs to make it user friendly. Gradually this well Optimized Page & the Tabs helped us to get likes from fans.
    2. We also joined related Groups and researched their work (to see what kinds of posts are approved there) and started posting accordingly. With this, a few more likes poured in.
    3. Simultaneously, we posted various kinds of Facebook posts. Since 90% of the contents were based on Mio Amore, so in order to refrain from getting monotonous with the posts, we tried our best to create posts that are different from the previous ones. Gradually fans started interacting on these posts.
    4. Since, the client was not able to provide pictures on a regular basis, we went to their place and clicked images of their products and posted them on Facebook . Uploading fresh pictures increased the engagement to a certain level and helped the page get more likes.
    5. We then started Facebook Contests. These little contests helped increase the amount of likes, interaction and engagement. Fans started interacting with Mio Amore & participated in the contest as well. Most of them began inviting their friends to participate in the contest, thus increasing our likes.
    6. Gradually, we gained the client’s trust and were able to convince him to begin Facebook Advertisements with low CPC. Also, we had regular meetings with this client where we discussed about our day to day strategies and pushed ourselves to meet his targets and we are still on it.

    Achievements – (Information as per October 2016)

    1. Currently the page has 57.6k+ likes, it was just 0 when we first started 1.5 years back.
    2. Currently the page has approx 10.5k engagements, in the beginning of the project it was 0.
    3. The post reach is approx 45,530.
    4. The client and his team are now able to manage their offline work much more proficiently without worrying about their online presence.
    5. Our highly successful Facebook Ad campaigns helped the client reach people who at first were completely unaware about Mio Amore’s Facebook presence.
    6. Cost reduction.

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