• Dealing with Unhappy Clients? Here Are Some Beneficial Tips for You.

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    If you are expecting to have “oh-so-good days” throughout your work life, then it’s time for you to clear your misconception. Every day can’t be Sunday for you at your workplace. Hence, you need to be prepared to face the worse. And what else can be worse than the negative feedback given by your unhappy clients? Whatever be the reason, you should never give up. Hence, take a deep breath, welcome all the feedback and try to respond in the best way possible so that the customers can feel a bit satisfied with the resolution.

    Now, you must be thinking, how to keep these “not so happy” clients in your grip even though they have already showered so many complaints, right? Don’t worry; below we have mentioned a few successful tips that have helped many Coordinators, Managers at HP to tackle unhappy clients.

    Take a look.

    Stay Calm, even though it’s tough

    It is understandable that you cannot stand people yelling at you all the time. But, since you are given the responsibility of handling clients, you cannot yell back at them, as it might shoot up the conflict and hamper your business relation. Hence, always control your anger, stay calm and take a deep breath and handle the situation like a seasoned professional.

    Never take it personally

    Usually, what most people do while listening to client’s complaints is that they tend to take all the comments personally. But, that’s not right at all. Just remember that your client is not angry with you. They are just unsatisfied or greatly disappointed with your or your team’s performance. So, do not take it personally; instead, take it positively to improve your mistakes and if the mistake is not yours/your team’s then share the information with him and guide him through the process.

    Listen actively

    When unhappy clients yell over the phone, more than half of the people tend to get either afraid and sad or irritated and furious, which slowly results in the lack of concentration while listening. Hence, you need to keep your anger aside and start listening actively, so that you can clearly hear about the exact issue that made them unhappy. When you are done listening to their issues, make sure you summarize the issues to them and ask further questions to clarify their complaint and assure them that you will try your best to address all the problems that they have stated. If the issues are not from your end then make sure you clear that too.

    Apologize gracefully and share a solution

    After you have finally understood what made them unhappy or furious, don’t forget to apologize to them. At times, the client’s point of view might be wrong or illogical, but you still have to be emphatic. Being emphatic is necessary to retain the client and calm him/her down.

    However, just apologizing won’t help; you need to immediately take an action and ask your team to find a solution so that your client becomes pleased and slowly starts dropping his/her anger. But, in case you don’t really have any immediate solution in hand,  you can ask for some extra time so that you can come up with a solution. And if nothing works then the best option will be is to give them the power to resolve the issue and ask them what will make them happy or content and work accordingly.

    Take immediate action and follow up

    Once you and your client have agreed on a solution, you must take an action immediately. And when you are taking an action to fix the problem, do explain every single step to your client so that he gains the confidence that your company and team will now steer clear the issue. And once the issue is fixed, don’t forget to contact the client and share the details, so that they feel glad and praise you, forgetting all the anger he/she had just a few minutes/hours ago.

    So, these were the 5 beneficial tips that would really help you tackle unhappy clients. Trust me, it really helps us lot. Hope it helps you too! :)

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