• Copywriting is a Cakewalk? You Better Know About Our Challenges.



    I have come across numerous people who with a smirk say, “Copywriter? Hmnn…That’s a cake walk.” This certainly makes me furious as hell. But then, why would you waste time explaining to people about your work, when you already have so much of burden on your shoulder. Wondering which kind of burden? Well, it’s none other than the burden of writing on the same topic/subject again and again.

    What do you think? Is it really a cakewalk? If your answer is yes, then let me tell you that’s your biggest misconception. When you are given some specific keywords and you have to write on topics about which, you will not find a single material online, for instance- ‘Model Steam Engine’. Can you beat that? Writing about the model steam engine is definitely not a cakewalk, at least for me, who doesn’t know anything about it apart from the fact it’s used by rail enthusiasts.

    However, don’t worry; I’m not going to bore people by blabbering throughout about steam engine and stuff. Rather I would like to focus on some of the major challenges that copywriters face or at least, I as a writer face so that I can really shut people’s mouths who say writing content or holding the post of a copywriter is a “cakewalk”.

    Here I have listed down a few challenges, please take a look.

    Writer’s Block

    Copywriters are undoubtedly creative people. But, that doesn’t mean they don’t face a ‘writer’s block’ phase. Thinking what’s this phase? It’s basically a point when a copywriter is totally blank. He/she doesn’t know what to write, how to write and even if they have done a lot of research on the topic, they can’t even write a single sentence properly. There’s nothing to worry about as it’s quite common. But, it could be really dangerous if you don’t deal with it quickly.

    The best way to get over this issue is, just don’t write. Instead, go for a walk or play some kind of game that interests you or you can even read some interesting blogs online or listen to some good music. These things really help me out to get rid of this block. Hope it helps you too.

    Emotional Breakdown

    Nope, this is not related to boyfriends, husband or family. It is totally related to the clients’ feedbacks. Trust me, being criticized by a client feels terrible, especially when the client is paying quite a handsome amount. You feel that you are worthless; you doubt yourself and can’t get yourself to work. But then, you cannot bear that emotional breakdown throughout a week or two, as it will ruin all your work.

    But then, as my mother says, you need to realize that you feel you are “worthless” but you are not. That’s perhaps the first step is to realize that it is just a “feeling” and not reality.

    Lack of Confidence, or Almost NIL Confidence

    You know what, the ‘writer’s block’ and emotional breakdown issue can be defeated quite easily if you seriously look into the matter. But, if a writer lacks confidence, it can even plague him/her. Honestly, I fall under this category. And there are numerous “what ifs” that pops in my mind such as:

    a) What if my service won’t deliver the expected results?
    b) What if this post won’t result in sales?
    c) What if nobody will buy if I ask them to?
    d) What if I’m not really worth what I’m asking for?

    The simple solution is, stop asking negative questions to yourself. Instead, you should be asking questions like “how can I improve my writing?” or “how can I satisfy my clients?” Believe me or not, the day you stop asking yourself negative questions, you will surely gain confidence. Think Position and Be Positive… always :)

    Now, do you still think that holding a copywriter’s position is a child’s play? Well, this doesn’t mean that Copywriters are the only people who suffer from these massive issues or challenges. I’m sure people from other fields also suffer from various, neck cracking challenges. But, all I want to say is that don’t underestimate the job of a copywriter and don’t think it’s a “cakewalk”. Happy Reading 😉

    (Contributor: Pallabi Ray Chaudhuri, Copywriter – High Position)

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