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    5 Types of People who Annoy Us the Most on Facebook

    Posted by:webmanager

    Well, admit it or not, our generation is completely social media addicted. We eat, drink or even sleep on social media. Exaggeration you say, I call it a way of life. I am not an exception either. Obviously, it is fun. Who can deny that! When bored with tedious work at the office, a quick…

    5 Game Changing Trends of Social Media in 2017

    Posted by:webmanager

    What is the future going to be like for social media? This is something we often discuss here at High Position. Social media is continuously growing and more than individual users, business owners are aiming to capitalize more on it and use its various platforms to their advantage. So let me talk about some of…

    Copywriting is a Cakewalk? You Better Know About Our Challenges.

    Posted by:webmanager

    I have come across numerous people who with a smirk say, “Copywriter? Hmnn…That’s a cake walk.” This certainly makes me furious as hell. But then, why would you waste time explaining to people about your work, when you already have so much of burden on your shoulder. Wondering which kind of burden? Well, it’s none…

    4 Things A Creative Writer Should Start Doing ASAP!

    Posted by:webmanager

    No matter what you find in Google as your resources, writing is always a creative task. And just like all other creative work, writing also demands a lot of efforts and concentration from the writer. Being a copywriter by profession and a passionate writer by choice, what I have learned is that it is not…

    A Day in the Life of This Copywriter – Archita Sengupta

    Posted by:webmanager

    10.10 a.m: I frantically reach office, panting. I try to slow down my heartbeat all flustered up because of the running. Phew! Just in time. I often wonder how I manage to reach office on time (well, mostly I do.) given the time I wake up every morning. I quickly log into my mail and…

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