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    High Position’s Grand Extravaganza on Turning 5

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    Another year has rolled by and here we are at the threshold of the 5th year since the foundation of High Position. It is true how time flies and five years just passed by in the wink of an eye. There are so many things which were redefined, evolved and enhanced in these five years….

    5 Years of Triumphs, Excitement, and Learning

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    As the fragrance of the freshly baked cake makes for an irresistible craving, it’s time to blow out the candles. Hey world, we are 5 years old! Voila, what a journey it has been starting with 1 Team Member in a small room with pint-sized resources but a giant dream. This wasn’t a dream in…

    A tour to Aqua Marina Water Park in Bandel – Office Picnic

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    There was laughter in the air and there was a feeling of joy that swept through every HPian on 17th of January 2015. Of course, it had to be a happy day for each one of us since the day simply meant ‘Picnic’. The time to move out of the cube of our office and…

    The 3rd Annual Day of High Position- Celebrated with a Bang!!

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    Every venture finds solace with pride when crossing a milestone in this ever competitive world, where; in order to survive as a business, one has to make sure that no stone is unturned. These days, with new start-ups, kick-starting every minute, holding the ground beneath you as an entrepreneur is what it takes to celebrate…

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