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    10.10 a.m: I frantically reach office, panting. I try to slow down my heartbeat all flustered up because of the running. Phew! Just in time.

    I often wonder how I manage to reach office on time (well, mostly I do.) given the time I wake up every morning. I quickly log into my mail and check my timesheet.

    My first assignment of today’s is to write a blog on some kind of steampunk lights. Having written about lights for a long time now, (mind you, I have written about automotive, domestic and commercial lights alike) I sometimes feel a creative lapse, running out of topics to write on. So, my colleagues often find me gazing up in the nowhere, and have now come to the conclusion that I stare at the tube light in my room for some inspiration. But writing about car headlights at a stretch make me feel more like a “tube light” myself if you get the drift?

    However, steampunk lights are not for cars and as I research on how they can be perfect for an industrial-style interior, Vikas, our “handyman” arrives with a cup of tea. It is 10.45 sharp and he is never late for his work. I must admit that this is my first encounter with a man who is not remotely associated with the army and yet runs on the military time. Hoping that some of this elusive enthusiasm will rub off, I begin my daily sojourn.

    11.45 am: I have finished with the article on lights. But the next challenge in front of me is how to give it an enticing and interesting title. Off late, titles have become a better horror story to us than The Conjuring movies. Because we have time and again failed to come up with some innovative and smart titles for our contents. And naturally, have not been getting much praises from the Boss either. So, I start racing my brains and try to think of a unique title for the article on how to buy car headlights.

    1.15 pm: My 1st article’s title has been finally approved and now I am just about finishing writing my second blog for a vehicle ramp, quietly wondering, who are these people who actually read our blogs before going to buying vehicle display ramps when my certain other colleague and a dear friend asks me whether I would like to have lunch now. Well, who says no to food, ever? And I leave everything to join the other three copywriters for lunch.

    Forget about mad men, have you ever encountered 4 copywriters together in the same room? Don’t get too perturbed if you hear some strange madcap idea or quirky taglines (which are more often than not, for ourselves) because we are often tagged as a little eccentric and we can’t really blame them. Sometimes too enthusiastic and sometimes with dreadful panic to meet deadlines, we even get nightmares on writing assignments. But what I think is most amusing is the bunch of stories we can tell you, some informative while some purely entertaining.

    2.30 pm: We just come back from a short walk during lunch-hour which becomes an absolute necessity in order to ward off the monstrous desire to doze off after a bellyful lunch. And when I was just a little refreshed to start working again that I found out about my next article which is on a certain model steam engine. Time to resort to Google Goddess for some resources!

    But this time, even she failed me. Disheartened, I sank back to my chair and decided to contact the one and only knight in shining armor of our content department- Ma’am. Solely committed to pulling out all the damsels (of the content team) in distress from their problems, Ma’am walks into the room and quickly finds some reference material for even the most bizarre product in the world.

    5.00 pm: All points noted and with further motivation, I have finished with the article which seems to have turned quite nice. But it is already 5! I have 2 more articles to finish and just two hours are there in hand. Panic Attack!

    I quickly browse through my timesheet and find out about my next assignments, which to my surprise, are on my favorite topics- Paintings. I quickly start writing about a Van Gogh artwork. While looking at the cypress trees and spiral patterns of the painting, I realize that this is why I am a copywriter. We, copywriters have to write on anything under the sun, right from glorious and celebrated artworks to mundane and technical things like the vehicle ramps. And make it like the most lucrative thing on earth. But when I am able to deliver it successfully, that is the most fulfilling moment in this job for me.

    7.00 p.m: And this is why now when it is time to leave office after the whole day’s work, I am not tired and still leaving with a smile on my face. So, I walk out with two of my other colleagues cum friends and head towards home, from one firing squad to another.

    And this brings an end to my today’s adventure of being a copywriter.

    Till next time, Au revoir!

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