• 5 Types of People who Annoy Us the Most on Facebook

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    Well, admit it or not, our generation is completely social media addicted. We eat, drink or even sleep on social media. Exaggeration you say, I call it a way of life. I am not an exception either. Obviously, it is fun. Who can deny that! When bored with tedious work at the office, a quick glance at the Facebook news feed can instantly lighten my mood. Which new TV shows is going on, what new places are there to travel, what new book is in market, what does Sarcasm page thinks of having cats or electing Donald Trump, what Bukowski quote has been shared recently by Word Porn page, the new story in Scoop Whoop or Storypick, everything comes at the finger tip the moment I touch the Facebook icon on my phone. Frankly, more than chatting, the news feed story keeps me busy when I am coming to office in Metro or before going to sleep. I am sure it is often similar to you too, dear reader.

    Being a digital marketing professional and a copywriter, I often take special interest when some new update comes on Facebook. The innumerable notifications of all my friends and fellow writers often going Live on Facebook is already a highlight for me. The other day, a friend helped me listen to the Live event of Paul Beatty, the Booker award winning author when I could not visit Jaipur Lit Fest 2017.

    But apart from these nice and dandy things about social media, there are many users who practically use it for communication with their long lost friends, networking or connecting to the people with similar interests. Giving a glimpse of your life and what is happening around you or with you or sharing common interests can of bring people together. There are also many users who are just on these platforms for the sake of it. And often many of these users develop some habit that can be really annoying for others on these platforms.

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    Some of these habits of users I can completely ignore. However, some of them really annoy me a lot. And trust me, there are many who would agree with me. Now you must be thinking who are these annoying people? Take a look to know.

    The Vaguebooker

    I loathe these types of post. There are many users who come up with certain types of cryptic vague posts that say nothing apart from a vague exclamation. So, it is obvious that people would love to know what exactly is going on in their life. So, many comments will pour in. Obviously, it is the newest way of attention seeking which is annoying too.

    Those without Sense of Grammar

    By now you have already understood how grumpy I can be. Well, not always. But when I see really bad grammar in the post, it makes me annoyed. Yes, being a writer, passionate and professional, I prefer good grammar. So, it is obvious when people post without knowing the difference between “you’re” and “your” I judge them. My dear user, you are not asked to be Shakespeare. But proper English can make you a favorite of a grammar police too, you never know.

    The Big Gamer

    Trust me; I have no interest to play “Candy Crush” or “Criminal Case” no matter how many times you send me the request. I understand and respect your enthusiasm with games on Facebook. But when we are not responding to your first invitation, take the hint and uncheck from your guest list. Not really threatening to unfriend you but honestly, seeing your name flashing in the notification window with the game request doesn’t make me happy either. Sometimes I’m like –

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    So, now you get the brief what generally I and people like me don’t like on Facebook. This medium can be the best way to communicate and even to expand your business. So, don’t ignore my suggestion as it might sound preaching to you. Refrain yourself from being any of these three types of users and use Facebook for a good and fun purpose.

    (Contributor : Upasona Banerjee, Copywriter – High Position)

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