• 5 Game Changing Trends of Social Media in 2017

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    What is the future going to be like for social media? This is something we often discuss here at High Position. Social media is continuously growing and more than individual users, business owners are aiming to capitalize more on it and use its various platforms to their advantage. So let me talk about some of the social media trends that will become game changers in 2017.

    1. Social Messaging Apps

    Off-late, there has been more emphasis on social networks than the social networking. How? Consider the wider community of the messaging apps like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger or Viber as compared to the users of social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn. What works I guess, is the personal touch, transparency and the relationship that one-on-one communication enables. And the group which is taken maximum advantage of this huge audience base is the business owners. Click on an ad and it will directly take you to a chat window of that particular brand. As more and more brands understand this growing value of social messaging compared to mere social networks, they will take greater initiatives to make a shining presence there.


    1. Transparent Source of News Updates

    Instead of reading the newspaper or switching on the news channels of the TV, today’s modern youth prefers to check their smartphones for the latest news updates. Needless to say, this has definitely bred the tendency of creating fake news. And we saw the worst effect of it in the American Presidential Election of 2016 where fake news was being circulated about both the candidates among various platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Facebook, though has already started taking measures to curb this phenomenon. But there is also quite a huge section of people, even millennials, who are tech-savvy and acquire the latest news and information from social media with also a knack for investigating the truth, verifying the news before sharing and valuing more honesty. They keep pushing for more transparency from the media outlets and hence, promoting and appreciating factual reporting.

    1. Live Streaming

    Earlier, it was only YouTube that built its foundation on capturing real and unfiltered moments but now various social networking sites are providing their users with content in real-time. Twitter’s Periscope had first made the live streaming video feature popular and now even Facebook has launched its live feature. Social videos have made the social media platforms a lot more engaging as opposed to other formats of content. It has also brought a change in the world of media as different news sources too are citing Facebook Live videos while covering pertinent events. And now even Instagram is working on their own live video option but this won’t be the last one; this trend is very much here to stay.

    1. Augmented Reality

    Augmented reality became a sensation last year, especially with the Pokemon Go and now even Facebook is all prepared to experiment with this form, as has been confirmed by Mark Zuckerberg. They have obtained Masquerade, a live filter and selfie app for live streaming video. Augmented reality is also a brilliant opportunity for brands to connect with their target audiences. Not only information but through this, business owners can now share their own experiences with people on social media. Since so many individuals are taking so much interest in social media, this idea of self-insertion into media could effectively take social media platforms by the storm.

    1. Visual Expression of Moments

    Social Media is constantly striving to make the user experiences more personalized and evolving new ways for their users to get closer to each other. For instance, Instagram was all about the highlighted moments of one’s life but now they are trying to fill in the blanks by letting you express certain moments of your life visually through the Instagram stories. Entrepreneurs can now share links through this feature and spread the news about their business to a wider community. Similar kind of visual expression can be created with the Facebook reactions. Along with the “like” feature, now you can also use five other emojis to express “love”, “angry”, “sad” and “wow” on your friend’s posts and pictures. These platforms thus are helping the users to communicate better and express themselves visually.

    reactions-56ce0f3c3df78cfb37a3882dSo, hopefully, you will also stay tuned to these social media platforms like me to see these trends come into full bloom very soon. Till then, let’s look forward to more innovative contents and effective strategies that will keep us hooked on to social networking sites.

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