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    No matter what you find in Google as your resources, writing is always a creative task. And just like all other creative work, writing also demands a lot of efforts and concentration from the writer. Being a copywriter by profession and a passionate writer by choice, what I have learned is that it is not what you are doing while writing but what you are doing while not writing inspires you a lot. So, if you are a writer or even remotely involved with any creative endeavors, there are a few things that you must do in your free time.

    Creativity doesn’t spring out from our core and lets us enjoy the success. Creativity needs to be sharpened with repeated practice again and again. Creativity also calls for inspiration too. And that is why everything around you can be your inspiration.

    When I am talking about inspiration it is necessary to know if you can get inspired by anything even when you are not writing. So, here I am going to tell you what I do and what inspires me when I am not writing or researching.

    Take a look.

    Read Read Read

    They rightly say, only books can be your unconditional best friends. So, when I don’t write I read a lot. While talking about reading I often tend to go back my childhood when my mother used to buy me books with colorful illustration and funny stories. Obviously, I could not read much back then. But my mom used to read out the story for me. And when I used to be alone I used to try to decipher the story through the illustration. Probably this habit has made me a voracious reader. So, being a writer I believe the best homework one can do is to read a lot. On one hand, it will increase their vocabulary. On the other, the writer will be able to develop a writing style of their own inspired by others.

    Become Movie Buff

    Frankly, it is almost impossible to concentrate on one creative task yet refusing other creative art forms. For me, cinema is an art form. And, no, I am not just talking about an art film, but commercial cinema too. A film makes us understand the way of presentation. When we read we can connect most with those write ups with which we can connect a lot. That is why the presentation of a write up should enable a reader to visualize the thing that has been written about. If you are willing you can learn the ways of presentation from it. And well, don’t you think watching a film can be the great way to unwind after a long day or maybe a hectic week?

    Travel to Unwind

    The biggest and most common trait of any creative person is that we are easily bored. Keep us confined within a limited space and you will see us becoming completely unproductive. We need to unwind. And what can be the best way to unwind than traveling? Pack your backpacks and set out to venture into the lap of nature. Find out your calling, be it sea or mountain and come back rejuvenated. Nature always has her own stories to tell.

    Let Music Touch You

    When I am bogged down with the too much pressure of meeting deadlines or dealing with monotonous writing routine, music is my only escape. The continuous humming of Coldplay or Westlife or a mild instrumental not only helps me to relax but also increase my concentration too. No matter how my friends often describe me as headphone-maniac, to be truthful, apart from books headphones have become my best buddy. And the best part of listening to instrumental in a Smartphone? Well, I came across an app which lets you design your own instrumental with a flute or a piano.

    Writing is a way of expression. And if you want to become fluent in this expression you need to make your leisure worthy of being inspired. A creative mind is never inactive. So, I know even when you are resting, your mind will look for inspiration. So, all you need to do is to give it its food or thought.

    (Contributor : Upasona Banerjee, Copywriter – High Position)

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